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College Application Process, Resumes, and Job Search

Anyone who has ever looked for a job knows that the process can be a job in itself. You need to first find listings to apply to, then customize resumes and cover letters to fit specific applications, and, if you're lucky, prepare for the interview. Oh, and don't forget your thank you note and follow up! With college applications, there's the additional collection of transcripts, standardized tests, and college essays. For anyone who struggles with organization, and even those who don't, these processes can be completely overwhelming. 


Do you/your child find the college/internship/job application process overwhelming? 

Do you/your child need help crafting college essays, resumes, and/or cover letters?

Do you feel unsure about how much to include about your disability in your college or job application?

Do you wish you had a better way to organize the application process and know next steps?

There's a lot that needs to be done before you land your dream job/school.

We can help. 

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