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The Magic Touch


Want a creative kickstart to your project? Just one hour with us provides the jumpstart you need. We can assess your project, brainstorm new ideas, and suggest next steps. Need more time? You can always book additional sessions!

Make Magic Happen


Do you want to dedicate time to your project? We do, too! Book us for one week, and not only are we all ears, we're all YOURS! We will make ourselves available to you for daily meetings M-F. One flat rate includes both meeting time and time to work on your project that week. That's a $500 savings! On Monday we'll create a goal for the week, and by Friday you'll have a completed project, an event ready to launch, or an action plan that suits your needs. Now let's make magic happen!

We're All Ears


Haven't found the right solution to fit your needs? Let's talk. Custom hours and pricing may be available to suit your needs.

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