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Hearing Loss,  Advocacy, and Inclusion

Today, we so often hear the buzzword inclusion- in our schools, at our companies, on college campuses- but do we understand what it truly means? Most people do not. Many times it is up to parents to advocate for their children with disabilities until eventually the child learns to self-advocate in school, college, and the workplace. Often at work, inclusion and accommodations happen when one employee brings awareness to his/her cause. 


Does your organization/company want to improve its inclusion efforts?

Do you have a child who needs help improving his/her self-advocacy skills?

Do you need help finding and applying to the best college for your student with disabilities? 

Do you/your child need help creating an advocacy plan at a new school, college campus, or workplace?

Plus, ask us about our book readings and hands-on workshops for your next disability awareness day, inservice, conference, or event:

There's a lot that needs to be done to improve inclusion today.

We can help. 

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