your next project

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We're All Ears is a consulting company that inspires and empowers its clients to take the next step in their projects through
creativity, collaboration, innovative thinking, and a personal touch.

We wear a lot of hats.

Which will we wear next? That's up to you.


We coach authors through the publishing process.

We create workshops on hearing loss, disability, and inclusion.

We break down the application process for college, internships, and job searches.

We design dynamic events for individuals, organizations, and companies.

We brand and market new ideas for niche audiences. 


At We’re All Ears, you can expect consultants who:

are creative

are innovative

are tech-savvy

practice a personal, people-first approach

Melanie Paticoff Grossman, M.S.D.E.

is the author of two self-published children’s books,

creator and publisher of Hearing Our Way magazine,

designs and manages websites for her own companies and others, 

and plans events ranging from family parties to non-profit trivia nights to her own wedding!



"I couldn't have gotten through the job application process without Mel. She helped me organize each step of the process, craft a cover letter that I could adapt for each application, and design my resume to highlight my skills. Thanks, We're All Ears!"


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